Photo production company Marseille : Mennen film & photo production in the south of France

Mennen film & photo production in the south of France

Easy Production team has recently organized a photo production in Hyères, to shoot Mennen campaings with  kitesurf champion Paul Serin.

The photo shoot was directed by photographer Robin Christol.
The difficulty was to depend on the elements. The locations were conducted in several places to cope with any eventuality.

Indeed, it was necessary to choose a sunny spot in the wind like Hyères, and the wind direction changes the direction of the wing, and therefore changes the background, and the light/ sun direction. So we had to adapt logistics, anticipating parking vans and trucks in order to be based at the nearest spot of kite. Robin spent many hours in the water to get out the right image and the right expression, with the right light, movement, and water splash !

It was a beautiful human experience with professional kitesurfers,  a photographic production in the water all day long.

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production photographique dans l ' eau à hyères