Photo production company Marseille : production and photo locations in nice southern france

production and photo locations in nice southern france

EASY PRODUCTION: Production N°1 and photo locations in Nice in the south of France. Full photo production services on the French Riviera. Casting, location vans, production vans, photographic equipment, lighting, catering, props styling, assistants... They have worked for Publicis, Boden, Neiman Marcus, Air France, Orange, H&M, Lacoste, Façonnable, Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Tatler .
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photographic production in marseille south of france

Rent of beautiful house with panoramic sea view for photographic productions in Marseille in region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. The villa FLGA is a beautiful film set, an exceptional photo location.
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Ref: HEN Modern villa in Marseille area. Great for films, commercials, photoshoot. Very spacious, and lots of terraces on the pool. A great contemporary house to shoot in the south of France.
maison pour production photo nice
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A beautiful house for rent golden age on the French Riviera near Nice. One of the most spacious places we have to offer for rental production photos in the south of France in Provence Alpes Cote d 'Az [...]
maison moderne pour production photographique saint tropez
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contemporary house for photo shoot saint tropez south of france

Ref: TECK A wonderful contemporary house full of charm, with swimming pool 20 minutes from Saint-Tropez. This contemporary villa is suitable for both photo shoots or filming, with easy access and int [...]
maison contemporaine pour production photo a saint tropez
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locations and photo production in saint tropez south of france

Beautiful modern villa with pool in Saint-tropez, like a big daylight studio. Great location for the film industry, commercials and photo productions in the south of France.
où trouver un décor pour prod photo saint tropez
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Where to find photographic production services in saint tropez ?

REF: MIRAG Villa MIRAG is a marvelous contemporary house with a pool and panoramic sea views, located near Saint-Tropez on the french riviera. One of our best photo locations for your photo shoots in [...]