Photo production company Marseille : Hotel for photo and film production team

Hotel for photo and film production team

The photographic production company Easy Production, the agency specializing in audiovisual production organization, is very fond of the Mi Hotel in Lyon.
An exceptional hotel to host clients during a photographic production, or the filming of a commercial.

This hotel definitely has suites design place Bellecourt, rue Sala etc ... between the Rhone and the Saône.

Easy online booking:


  • You pay for a suite on the website of the Mi hotel.
  • You receive your entry codes and a plan to access.
  • You come in full autonomy, of course. Innovative, right?


Want to spend a moment of exception with your darling in Lyon (69)? A demanding client to host during a film or photo production in Lyon?  


And if you need help finding shooting locations in Lyon, or also to organize your photo shoot,  our teams of producers and directors are available to you and save you valuable time .


MI HOTEL Suites Place Bellecour, rue Auguste Comte, rue Sala, rue Clothilde Bizolon

69000 Lyon Reservations: 04 78 37 77 21

MI Hotel boutique hotel Lyon